From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Do you also have an inner Priestess to embrace? Here's what I've said yes to do (Invitation)

Beautiful heart,

I know exactly when this started whispering in my soul...

It was on the day of Mary Magdalene - standing on the top of the mountain of Avalon. One of the most sacred experiences of my life. 

Twelve sisters - an inner wedding - and a sacred ritual blessing heaven and earth.

"You're priestesses of Avalon now", I said to them - not knowing where the words came from...

Since that day, the words "Priestess Training" have kept coming to me in my meditations.

As you might know, all I create is from this place of an inner YES. To walk my path and let my soul guide the way.

(Often it feels like I'm being stretched and expanded - beyond what my mind had thought.) Do you know that feeling?

So, I've listened deeply to what this Priestess Training is. And now it has crystallized into form. 

It's a mystical training, going deep into activating the Divine Feminine Priestess inside.

The one who can call forth and hold a sacred space for her sisters.

The one who can BE the space - where instant healing and remembrance happen.

The one who is willing to step aside and let DIVINE LOVE work through her.

And hey, I know that this might not be for everyone...

It takes a willingness to trust and surrender to Love. A little courage sometimes.

But if you're open, it's all available for you. You're worthy and enough..

This is my path. Could it be that it is yours too, my love?

This year has been a deepening in my own experience with precisely that.

It's been a deepening in my own surrender to be guided.

And an expansion of my understanding of how to "dance with the energy" as a priestess.

For seven years I've trained sisters to create woman circles. And I love the power of sacred sisterhood.

This new training is an even more mystical version - that will also prepare you to create your own circles when you want.

We'll focus even more on WHO YOU ARE. And how to lead like Magdalene. Through your being.

So whether you've already been trained by me - or if this is new, you can join.

In the end, we'll have a practical workshop on how to bring this into your work.

Maybe you wanna make sister circles, magical retreats, or just integrate this layer into your other soul work...

Write to me and tell me WHY this calls on you. Just a few words. And I'll send you the details.

It will be LIVE ON ZOOM in January. (Spots are limited.)

As Magdalene said to me that day on the windy mountain: "You are SHE - She's in you"

It's all about remembering and embracing - The Divine Priestess is in all of us.

Is she calling inside? Waiting to be seen and embraced even more?

With so much love


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P.S. Feeling like experiencing my magical and transformational retreats?

Soul Journey to Asissi and Magical Writing in Portugal is coming up. Let me know if I'll see you, angel ;)