From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Is the starseed within you breaking open? (Invitation to NEW Mastermind 2023)

Hello love,

How are you? Thinking of you as I'm sitting here in the sun with my morning coffee...

Today I have a very special invitation for you.

If you're like me, you may always have felt that you were here for a reason.

You sense that your soul has chosen to be here at this moment in time.

To awaken to your true essence - and to discover and share YOUR gift...

Maybe you've felt this light seed glowing within since you were a child. I remember, how I felt myself.

A tingling sensation of being connected with something higher...

In Divine timing, the seed started to break open and grow - and a deep transformation began.

Your light seed has been nurtured by love - and watered by tears. Angels have been singing over it.

And this seedling of light has maybe reached the surface.

It longs to grow deeper roots, touch the sky, and offer its rich fruits.

This part of you carries the inner knowing that souls are waiting for you and your gift.

But you also meet your fears, your vulnerability, and your imagined limitations...

And these fears can be holding you back, procrastinating, and hiding your beautiful light.

In my work as a mentor for lightworkers, I've seen again and again that...

It's not so much about knowing what to do - even if you may need some more clarity.

What is even more pivotal is courage and trust to allow your gift even more through.

To become comfortable with the unknown. To take intuitively inspired action.

And to keep stretching and growing your wings.

That's why I felt called to create The Seven Sisters Mastermind this fall.

It was so beautiful and empowering that I just HAVE to do it again  - and I'm inviting you, dear one!


Are you longing to make a quantum leap in your soul work?

This mastermind will help you create a joyful momentum and flow.
All in 100% alignment with where you are - and what you want to create, grow and expand.
Will this be the spring when you write your new book? Or finish and publish your book?
Do you wanna create a new concept or sister circles?
Or just expand your courage step into your radiance, share and shine your light?
No matter what you wanna give focus on, this journey will help you marry your divine feminine and divine masculine.
And create a wonderful momentum in your soul work. 

Has the time come to say an even deeper yes to your light?

Just write me a few words about WHY the mastermind is calling on you...

Then I'll send you more details, so you can feel into it and get one of the 7 spots.

May you remember what a star of love you are.
May you call it closer and embody it.
Nothing can hold back your light, but yourself.

One love,

Ny signatur jpg

A few of the lovely messages I got after the last mastermind...

"These ten weeks have transformed my every day in magical ways. By the beginning of the mastermind, I was standing in the doorway of my life purpose - about to get the courage to step fully into the light. I felt my doubts - but with the support and guidance of you and the mastermind, I became bold. A children's book, an illustrator, and an entertaining YouTube channel were born in those 10 weeks. Flowlife and new habits were integrated. Now I unfold my life purpose with light, love, ease, and flow. My heart is bubbling with joy and bliss. Thank you with all of my heart."
- Sofia

"I have to admit...I've enjoyed every single minute of this magical journey in the mastermind with you and the others! Such a safe space to share and shine in all our true colors. The growth and inspiration in creating something in a new way - I'll take with me, always."
- Margriet

"It has been truly amazing...the ways, visible and invisible, in which you created an open yet focused space for our work, inner and outer. How easy and natural it was in that space to be ourselves, with our strengths, our questions, and our vulnerability. How each of us has been sharing and growing in our own way, and at the same time could be an inspiration and support for everyone else in the group. 

Through it all, your unconditional love, deep wisdom, and rich experience as a spiritual mentor, writer, and business leader came into play exactly as needed, nourishing everyone’s growth and unfoldment. I warmly recommend this mastermind group."

- Halina