From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: ten wonderful gifts you can winn today, love ;)

Hi love,

Just a sweet little note to wish you a beautiful Sunday ;) 

I woke up with this enchanting thought:

How can I honor all mothers today - mothers of children - and mothers of Soul Children? (Divinely inspired ideas, right...)

And I felt into something my own mother has given me - the gift of sensing the magic everywhere. From the scent of cinnamon and the view of a rose...

Then I knew - I'm giving away TEN MAGIC BOXES today!

My highly cherished online program on how to become a magical writer. (Value 300 euros each)

Just pop over here and leave a short comment - and if you've already have got it - take a moment to tag friends you'd love to win this amazing gift today.

I love you and I see you, angel.

Hugs and blessings

Your sister always 


Ny signatur jpg

P.s. If you understand Danish you can also enjoy this deep and beautiful hour - about my path from growing up in a closed Christian community, to where I am today. I'm sharing many mystical experiences with my dear sister Anja Steensig, in this conversation. I'm so touched by hearing what it means for many souls already. (Sent on national radio yesterday.)