From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: the secret to my energy and glow (so many women ask me about this...)'s my receipt

Hi love,

I'd never thought I'd have so many messages from souls, saying:

"Why are you so glowing - I love your radiance...What's your secret, Eva? What do you do?"

I mean, I'm a spiritual teacher and mentor - not a fashion-icon, right? ;)

(Even if I DO love to express myself with colors and dresses.)

So, here's the thing.

When looking at pictures of myself from like six-seven years ago, I see another woman.

I hardly recognize myself. I was a shadow of me. Dimmed.

There's this glow and shine in my eyes and energy now, that's SO different. 

And I know why.

It's NOT my style, that's so different. It's my inner aliveness that radiates now. 

I'm talking about this kind of aliveness that's infused by spirit.

The aliveness that wells up inside, when we align with our soul, passion, and inner bliss - and allows it to fill our days with love and meaning. 

That's my secret.

That's what you see in my eyes and skin and energy.

The glow that comes from living connected to my inner fire.

And the beautiful thing is - everyone can do that.

We can all tap into that flow and energy that lights us up from inside, fills any room we enter, and draw others like moths to a lantern.

It doesn't fade with age. It just shines even more through.

It cannot be taken away from us. It keeps enhancing and enhancing, as we become more and more aligned with who we are - and what we're here to create. 

Writing from my soul is one of the things that brings me ALIVE.

That experience of listening and taking down what want's to be written through me, always makes my heart skip a beat.

Connecting heart to heart with like-minded souls gives me chills every time too.

That's why I'm soooo excited to invite you to join The Magical Writers Tribe, opening in a few weeks. 

If you love writing and love community - you'll absolutely adore this new adventure with me.

And I believe it will fill your soul with sparks to allow yourself to have this experience.

It will bring even more joy, lightness, and flow into your writing life. 

I'm already dreaming of our monthly coffee-hour and cocktail-hour. I dream of surprises and lovely little challenges. And can't wait to read what you're sharing in the group ;)

Come get your spot NOW, so you don't forget. (only 15 euros a month.)

You deserve this inspiration and beautiful family around you.

I can't think of anything more magnificent than helping you bring your magic even more forth.

Thank you for shining your soul-light. Do something that brings you alive TODAY.

I just love you.

Hugs and blessings


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P.S. If you wonder if this is for you, just write me a note and let's chat...I'm here for you, love.

P.P.S. If you've already got my new online program The Magic Box, you have some months in the tribe and will get a special email about your membership.