From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: An angel on my desk

Happy Sunday, my lovely

Sitting here with coffee in my bed, enjoying a sloooow morning...thinking of you ;)

I hope you've had a beautiful week - I must say it's felt like riding a roller coaster of energies, which has brought me to tears many times.  And to beautiful mountain tops and new views as well. (Just me?)

Aww, it can be intense and take all of our presence to walk a conscious path sometimes. I

t can also be extremely beautiful and blissful.

We're not only holding space for ourselves as we rise, but also for the world and the duality that is playing out...

One night this week I found myself exhausted from the energetic ride as if I'd been running a Marathon.

And I called on my angels and guides, and said: "Dear ones, will you restore my energy while I'm sleeping? Thank you"

Then I fell asleep.

Suddenly I was woken up by a wave of light rolling through my body.

It kept pouring in from the top of my head and washing through me to the toes - almost too powerful like I was sent through a carwasher ;)

Wave after wave kept coming. White, Divine light. Then it was over.

I fell asleep again with a smile, feeling held, feeling like a newborn baby.

Sometimes, we just need to ask. The support is all around us, all the time.

We get it in an almost customized way, in a language, our hearts can understand. And in a way, our system can receive.

Even if I know this deep down, I can still be surprised by the power of asking and allowing.

Ask and you will receive, right...

Last week I was interviewed by the wonderful Jannecke, from Wisdom From North.

She asked the most amazing questions and made me tell many stories about my encounters with Divine Love.

Since I was a little girl and an angel was sitting on my writing desk, meeting the blue angel, meeting the sound of God....and much more.

Did you hear it already? If not,I hope this conversation will bring you even more trust and light. And remind you, that no matter what you're going through right now, you're not alone.

It's my deepest joy to keep reminding myself and others about that ;)

Wishing you the most wonderful Sunday - thank you for all we share...



Ny signatur jpg

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