From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Wanna discover your soulchild tomorrow, sis?

then you're gonna love this ;)

Hi love

Just a quick note - to say welcome to Soul Sister Sunday!

This time will be a Magical Writing Special - and I'm sooo excited to guide the adventure...

- You'll discover if there's a soul-child inside (I've created a wonderful brand new Soul-Quiz for you)

- And you'll open up for inspiration in an enchanting meeting with your Divine Muse (A meditation)

This will for sure be a magical morning, sis 

Have pen and paper ready, make your self a lovely coffee or tea - and let's hang out in the realm of unconditional love and limitless creativity...

9 am tomorrow morning (Copenhagen-Paris time)



Just click "JOIN" at the event-button here, not to forget...

And feel free to invite sisters, that you think will love meeting their soul-child too ;)


See you, my love!



P.S. If you're not able to join LIVE, you can see the replay on the page - there's just something enchanting by connecting with your sisters live...and you can ask questions as well. So, snuggle up in your bed and enjoy together with us morning-birds if you can...