From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: With a feather pen to you - from Teresa of Avila and me ;)

My beloved friend,

I'm writing this letter to you leaning my back against the warm stones of the city wall. I'm still in Avila. 

As I sit here I feel the presence of Teresa, the writing saint, as I like to call her.

It's like she's sending light and love to you in this moment too...

Oh, how I love her energy. She wrote her famous books about the soul journey and connection with the Divine, with a big feather pen dipped in ink.

Often sitting on the raw floor, writing on her paper in the window frame - in the light coming in from the convent's garden.

To follow her calling was a journey of pure trust and surrender to what felt true in her heart.

When she started her own order, the barefooted Carmelites, it was an act of faith. Often fearing how to survive, how to be able to speak her truth, how to keep her writing out of the hands of the Inquisition. 

Just a few days ago I brought my soul sisters here to Avila, for a beautiful soul journey retreat.

We went to the humble, almost secret church, where Teresa started her first order. (And I was soooo grateful that once again, by a little miracle the doors were opened for us.) 

As we stepped into the small church, silence kind of fell upon us. We sat down, taking in the peace and tranquility of this simple room.

And when I started guiding a meditation, it was like the air was filled with not only her presence, but also her soul mate John of the Cross, Frans of Asissi and Clara, and many other light beings.

This was just the first of many otherworldly experiences we shared these days.

And I feel, that most of all, the healing and activation of being in a circle of unconditional love will stay in our hearts forever.

As I'm sitting here, sensing the sun on my cheeks, I know one thing for sure: 

I'm doing exactly what I'm here for - reminding you of how connected you are with your soul, your Source, and your soul family.

To create these LIVE retreats again, are so blessed and wonderful. And oh, how I'm loving it!

I can't wait to go to Avalon for another mystical Soul Journey in July. 

We'll be there on the day of Mary Magdalene - to anchor the Divine Feminine energy even deeper in ourselves and on earth. 

Every morning with a beautiful circle and sisterhood - and then experiencing the energy of Avalon, that is called the heart chakra of the earth.

Let me know if you feel the green hills of Avalon calling you...then I'll send you more about it ;) 

Aww, I think Teresa and I will now send you a beautiful heart drawn with feather pen and ink.

To remind you that you're so loved and appreciated. And you don't have to walk alone...

With so much sister love


Ny signatur jpg

P.S. Is your feather pen starting to glow? There is only one spots left for my Magical Writing Retreat in Alicante 27.-29. of May. Let me know if it's yours ;)