From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Imagine how it would feel to hold your Soulchild in your arms (NEW course - Become a magical writer. The 3 first get a 1:1 book-coaching)

...I don't know if this is for you, sis - but if you long to share a piece of your soul with the world, then have a look.

Precious one,

How are you these days? Today I'm sending you a Magic Box ;) 

Well, I don't know if it's for you - but IF you have a longing to write with even more Divine glow and flow - you gotta hear this.

“I’m the flute – the Universe breathes me”

Many have asked me about my secrets during the last years – as my books have become known for their magical touch, deep layers, and transformational power.

And I’ve loved helping recognized authors bring this Divine touch into their writing.

Now is the time to reveal and bring it all to YOU.

The secrets, roadmaps, guides and practices - that unleash your enchanted pen.

So you can give yourself permission to write without fear and allow Divine inspiration to flow through you with even more ease.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to write from this place? With pure flow and never-ending inspiration...

Picture finally holding your Soulchild in your arms. (It's one of the most fulfilling experiences I know myself.)

Your words are waiting inside and I will looooove to midwife and help them burst from your soul.

(Maybe you have books, poems, songs, blogging, children's books waiting to be born? We'll discover that together.)

Get your spot for my brand new course - all online:


If you book NOW, you will not have to pay the full price - as I have a beautiful opening price this week.

The 3 first writers booking today will also get a free 1:1 book-session with me as well. (value 200 euro)

Just as a little cherry on the top for you, love.

The thing is - I know that the world needs our voices.

And I believe that there're treasures waiting to be unveiled in your soul.

So it'll just be my greatest joy to help you.

Hugs and blessings


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P.S. When writing my first book ten years ago, one of my biggest challenges was to give myself permission. I seriously had this idea, that I had to be a "Doctor" in something, to feel worthy of writing a book ;) I'm soooo grateful that I decided to embrace my fears and write anyway. What are the parrots on your shoulder trying to holding you back? Share with me...(I've become good at talking with parrots :))