From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: A message just in divine timing...

Hiiii my dear fellow love walker <3


I hope everything is good in your world...

Today I just feel like sending you light and love - and an angel wing around your shoulder.


It's been a while...I now I'll send you a loooong letter ;) (If you're busy, you can scroll down to the special invitation)

These last weeks I've been traveling - and having the most beautiful sisterhood events in Denmark.

I'm sitting here on my patio back in Alicante, feeling soooo blessed, so grateful, so alive.

And I gotta say, more ignited than ever.


I have this strong experience, that we're all rising these days, all of us light workers.

It's like many of us have been going through a deep transformation these last years (yes or yes?)

And now we're more ready than ever to embrace our essence, our path, our light. 


Something happened again last week, that I feel like sharing with you today...

It was a sunny morning in the countryside. 
I was waking up in the Bed & Breakfast, feeling into the Blessing Ceremony in the evening...
It was time to celebrate new woman circle leaders.
Suddenly I sensed Mary Magdalene emerging golden and warm in the room.
She seemed very insistent, she had a message to bring through.
I felt the urge to open my notebook, opened my heart to listen and allowed her to speak through my pen.
The message was strong and empowering.
Just what we needed for this special night. And it ended like this...
"You are a priestess of Magdala, today you're initiated in the circle of light - like women through time before you. And you will never have to leave this space.
Step deeper into your calling. The deeper you are willing to go, the higher you will reach. Let the fire burn, let the water carry you. Trust.
Be blessed in my name. This sacred moment will be a diamond in your crown.
Be blessed, my sister. We are many standing here with you today, and we are always near you."
When reading the message in the circle that night, it was like angels came down and the energy was lifting us like a gentle wind...
I always feel so humbled by the beauty of receiving messages from the other side through channeled writing.
Many times these "letters from heaven" have guided and governed my path - and many pieces have since found their way into my books and other work...
That's also why I've listened to all of you who've wanted me to do a Channeling Day again.
Are you feeling curious to connect with your angels and guides on paper? Wondering if you're already doing it? Or just wanna deepen your connection and dwell in the energy of this day? Then I'll invite you to join me for a heavenly day ✨
I'll help you connect with the energy you feel most drawn to (can also be souls on the other side) Then I help you to open up, step aside and receive letters or go into dialogue and get the answers and guidance you need...
Last time was sooo beautiful and transformational, that I can't wait to do it again.
Sign up here, not to miss it, my love (We're filling up fast.)

If you feel drawn to it, it's for you. And I'll make it a gentle and safe experience - all the way through.
We're so loved and adored - and we can all open up to the loving realm around us...
Thank you for being such a light in our world. I deeply appreciate you.
Many blessings from my heart to yours,
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P.S. Seven Sisters Mastermind is starting in a few weeks. Send me a note if you're the last sister I'm waiting for ;) It will be magnificent...