From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Postcard from Andalusia πŸ’– (and a summer special for you the next two days, dear)

I'm thinking of you, angel - and want to give you something very special to light up your days ;)

Hi my angel,

If I could, I'd have shown you the views right in front of me.Β 

My God, it's soooo beautiful here in the mountains of Andalusia.

Green valleys, raw mountains, laughing springs - and at night it feels like I can touch the stars.Β 

It soothes and fills my soul. And today I feel like passing the light and love on to you. (See the wild summer special I've got for you here)

The other day, I went to meet The Virgin of Snow (If you've read my novels, you know how I love her, right ;)

She's standing on the top of a mountain, silver-white and compassionate.

300 years ago a priest was surprised by a snowstorm. He was blinded and confused, and couldn't find his way back to the village.

In the end he was so cold that he was almost dying.

Then, the legend says, SHE appeared.

A loving Mother Mary energy.

And she guided him gently all the way through the storm, back home.

Isn't that beautiful?

There's such a sacred energy on this mountain still.

I felt my heart opened widely, when standing in front of her the other day.

And then I was thinking of YOU.

You know, many souls write to me these days, about going through deep transformation and experiencing a dark night of the soul.

Oh, I know how confusing, painful and hard it can be to go through - to feel disconnected and like walking in a cloud of unknowing.

You can even feel abandoned by your Divine Source, right?

Even if you're not.

So. I thought: How can I support those of you going though a snow-storm or deep transformation these days?

My heart beats to support you...

And that made me create this wonderful summer special for you ;)Β 

I'm giving you my powerful online program LIGHT INFUSION for the dark night of the soul. For only 25 euros.

(But only for the next 48 hours. You're saving 50 euros)

Let me guide you - as I've been guided - to pass through the darkness with even more grace and ease.

You don't need to get stuck there...

Light and guidance is just a click away.

Sending you all of my love and a bottle of fresh mountain air.


Ny signatur jpg.jpg

P.s. LIGHT INFUSION is direct, simple and helpful - and you have access for ever. I've also put a very personal BONUS video about how I've been healing the glass girl inside. (Super inspirational if you're experiencing stress and depression, or trouble with adjusting your system with the new energies...) Take a lookΒ here.