From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Wanna put on your red coat with me? Winds of change. Magic in the air.

Beloved heart,

This morning I was floating between dream and sleep when it happened again...

My soul embraced all of me, cradling my whole body in a golden embrace of love and light.

"Just lean in here," she whispered. "I've got you. I love you. I know the way."

If you've ever leaned into your soul, you know this sensation of the deepest trust and peace.

These last months I've felt the winds of change blowing, like in the story Chokolat, if you know that one... 

When the winds of change were blowing, Vianne packed her suitcase and put on her red coat.

I've energetically allowed that to happen. (I've just put on my red hat instead!)

With a prayer of surrender in my heart: 

"Take me God, to where you need to find me."

Knowing that - even if the winds of change can feel unsettling for my little (Virgo) self - they carry the seeds of the future.

And even if there are many unknowns - my soul is my home, my temple, my nest.

I'm feeling the winds blowing me to Norway - the land of my father. My children are drawn to studying there.

The mountains, the snow, and the fjords are calling me too. 

And the fascinating thing is - I'd never seen that coming.

After nine years of living in Spain under the sun. And with my beautiful new love in Portugal.

But these last months the whisper within, the calling to move, and all of the signs - have become stronger and stronger.

I feel it will happen at the latest in the summer. There are still many open ends. But the inner YES is clear.

If there's something I've learned on my journey till now, it is:

Our Divine destiny unfolds when we surrender and trust. When there's LOVE, there's always a way. 

And when we're willing to let go of our attachment to the forms - we can go BEYOND our mind's limited imagination...

How intriguing it is, to follow the whispers of our soul. Something is emerging within each of us.

What is moving in you? Are you resisting or allowing it? Your soul knows the way. Even when you don't know all the "hows."



What is just as exciting to me, is that we're still at the beginning of a new year.

I've already started working with many of my clients who are going to make their unforgettable books this year. You know, this is my mission <3

So if you've had a little nudge or a strong feeling about your book. Come, let's do it! I'm here for you...

I'm waiting to hear from you, love.


Let's embrace the magic of the unknown. Let's put on our red coats and hats. 

"We came on the winds of the Carnival," Vianne says so beautifully in Chokolat.


With so much love and an open heart


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