From: Steinar Ditlefsen <>
Subject: This is what I have been working on (english & dansk text/tekst)

[Danish text below / Læs besked på dansk nederst!] 


This one is a quite personal email from me - and it's longer than I usually write.  

I hope it inspires you to keep going, and I think the phenomenal things I've discovered will show you how your future is more promising than you ever thought.

Your friendship is precious to me. I appreciate beyond words the fact that you have trusted me and chosen to be on my email list. 

It's been some time since I have written and I'll share why and what it means for you. You are probably reading this because you have a mission in your life and a message to share with the world. You are one of the fine, crazy, heart driven creators that actually want to change something for people. That's why I love you!

Have no time for a long mail, but still want to expand your message to many countries?
Read about the new European Transformational Teachers Gathering in Alicante (Spain) next year. You can also see what Michael Beckwith and 4x world freedive champion Stig Severinsen say about it.

Read here => European Transformational Teachers Gathering - meet and network with the European leaders and teachers

A life lesson:
Your mission will not appear on a white sheet of paper, but your purpose will reveal itself when you follow your heart and while walking your path.

About 7-8 of years ago I wanted to become a teacher and a speaker. I had no great stories, no medals and when I was thinking about it, I actually couldn't find any story that I was very much proud about - and I could barely express my self in a poor danish. So I thought it would be harder for me than for most people. And most people around me thought the same, and they told me.

I din't know my mission, I only knew that I wanted to inspire.

One day I felt this vision that I would gather other people who wanted to teach and serve. In my mind I saw hundreds of people gathered for several days. I considered myself as a public speaker at that time, but I was a speaker without any presentation jobs. I couldn't share my vision. They would all have asked me to be a little realistic.

And this is for you:
Keep your vision in your heart. It might be a seed from your soul. Nurture it by your positive thoughts and actions. Eventually it will unfold its true nature and manifest its true form.

The last two years I have been blessed to have multi-day seminars in Copenhagen with hundreds of people coming from several countries. I have had the extraordinary experience to share the stage with people some of my heroes and world renowned leaders like Michael Beckwith, Brendon Burchard, Bruce Lipton and Janet Attwood. Having such people at my own seminars and being invited to their stage is far beyond what I (and a lot of other people) thought would be realistic for me. But I kept my vision in my heart.

Now my mission is becoming clearer for me - it's about you

I have 2 visions in my heart. 

The first one is to gather the leaders and the teachers in Europe every year and help them connect and help each others

Extraordinary things are happening in Europe right now. Possibilities we never thought about appears in these days. I want to help teachers all across the european countries to connect and create incredible power things together. This will make it possible for you to reach hundreds of thousands of people with your message!

The time has come! I know that your future is so promising and so full of potential and opportunity that you wouldn't be able to sleep if you could see it :) 

Here is why. Go to USA and you'll see that teachers, experts and speakers know each other. They meet, they network, they collaborate and do partnerships. In Europe everything has been different because of the language barrier. Michael Beckwith, who is reckoned as one of the greatest teachers today, was surprised when he learned this about Europe (See what Beckwith said in this interview, from 2.22 min:

But this is changing now, and it is changing rapidly. We are facing a big revolution in these years. 

What does this mean for you?

The boarders of your country does not represent the limits of your message anymore. 

In a very few years it will be totally natural for many many teachers in the different European countries to share their message in English. For you, this means that the reach of your message has now an exponential potential. This is good for you whether you live in a country where English is a second language or if you live in UK, USA or other English speaking country. The market is opening in a whole new way.

And as always, the people who understand this in an early stage, will have a BIG advantage. 

It's not a just a coincidence that so many great american teachers are looking to expand their message in Europe. Europe has so much potential now.

The good fate for you is that you are already here :) And another one is that I am here to help you!

So I have founded this yearly event European Transformational Teachers Gathering. The interest for this event has blown me away. The first one, that we had just two months ago, gathered teachers and leaders from 10 different countries in just a few weeks from the first announcement! 

Now we do it again and teachers from all over the continent will participate. 3 days together with the finest people in Europe in beautiful Alicante. 

This is a pre-launch and for a limited time you get 20% off on a fee that is very low in first place. 

Launch offer: European Transformational Teachers Gathering 2017

(If you see no picture, accept pictures at the top of the email.)

My biggest wish and vision is that I can help you becoming a teacher who will inspire thousands of people around the world.

Riches blessings to you,
- Steinar

Message to my danish friends - til mine danske venner!

Jeg har næsten altid tidligere skrevet på dansk, og jeg ved at enkelte af jer nok også ønskerde at jeg ville fortsætte med det. Det har jeg fuld forståelse for, og også at det for enkelte måske bliver sværere at følge mine mails og skrivelser. Men jeg har store mål for hvordan jeg skal kunne hjælpe formidlere, både fra Danmark, Norge og andre lande. Når jeg nu åbner min træning for alle som kan forstå engelsk, vil det også medføre nogle helt nye muligheder og gøre at jeg kan hjælpe dig på nye måder. Det vil give mig mulighed til at samarbejde med endnu flere af de bedste og mest interessante speakers og trænere i verden - og min vision er at det vil kunne give dig træning og inspiration vi ellers aldrig ville have kunnet dele. Der vil komme både åbne træninger og gratis webinarer og interviews fulde af værdifuld træning og inspiration. En anden lille side-effekt for alle som har engelsk som andet sprog, er at du kan se at faktisk kan lade sig gøre at gå på engelsk med al den uperfekthed (hvis det nu er et ord..) som du måske kan se i mine videoer og tekster. Men det betyder bare at hvis jeg kan, så er det også muligt for rigtigt mange andre! Ønsker du ikke at få flere emails fra mig, kan du afmelde nedenunder. Du kan dog altid skrive til mig på dansk. Tak :)  //Steinar