From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Wanna tap into your Divine writing flow, my dear? Join me live every morning next week (5-day Sunrise Challenge, all free)

Hi love,

The other day I was swimming in the most beautiful indigo blue water - to the sound of the waterfalls.

And I was thinking about flow. How I feel and follow the Divine flow in everything I do. And the magic that unfolds from that.

Writing morning pages is one of the most magical practices I know.

For seven years I've been writing every morning, and I know it's been one of the most transformational things I've done as a writer.

Stream of consciousness writing brings you into the flow.

You unleash blocks and open for your Divine Inspiration - AND it's a wonderful way of starting the day. 

So, I'll invite you to write morning pages LIVE with me - every morning next week ☕

I know it will bring even more flow and magic into your soul journey and writing life.

So, let's meet on Zoom every morning for 5 days and tap into the flow. (Just for half an hour)

I can't wait to see you every morning, drink strong coffee and inspire you...

With so much love

P.S. Feel free to invite your friends to take the challenge with you.