From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: how I play with my inner artist child...

Even the Christ said it...

Hi beautiful,

Just have to share this with you. 

"I'm not sure if I know how to write a novel", she said - when I asked her if she had any fears or limiting beliefs.

"Ah, I know that feeling - just how I felt when my first novel started talking to me. Do you know what shifted it for me? Saying to myself - I'm not writing a novel - I'm just TELLING a story."

Her whole face glowed up in a smile. The difference was palpable.

Our inner artist child loves freedom and fun.

She needs lightness and safety.

Mine loves rewards like shiny pens, beautiful notebooks. shells, feathers, and candles.

And she needs to be reassured that we REALLY take care of her.

Try to tell your inner artist child, that you don't even need to publish what you write. It helps her relax and be in the moment.

And from this state of dwelling in the now, dancing with inspiration and rejoicing in creating - the most beautiful masterpieces will spring. (That you may very well want to publish ;) )

Even the master teacher knew that:

"Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven," he said.

I'm sure your inner artist child will love joining the Magical Writers Tribe too...She'll have a party ;)

(Book your spot NOW - Enrollment closes sooon...)

And stop for a moment, dear one. What does YOUR artist child love?

Let her talk to you. Give her the space she deserves. She'll love you right back.


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P.S. A beautiful soul asked about the tribe yesterday:

"Can I be a silent member? Just to enjoy the vibe and be inspired...?"

"Yes, you can - I don't expect anything from you - just wanna give you a nurturing and inspirational family to lean into."