From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: The light is coming back, love

Sweet soul,

Just a little love note to you...

Thank you for all the wonderful messages I received after my last letter.

I actually felt a little "naked" and raw after sending it - so thank you for the way you received it.

Did you realize that it's Winter Solstice tomorrow, love?

This is a turning point. A new beginning. The light is coming back.

Aww, there's just something so comforting and soothing about that - let's take a moment to take that in...

I'll sit in meditation tomorrow and listen to the new beginnings emerging within. Maybe you wanna do the same? 

I've been talking to many lightworkers lately, who's been going through a dark night of the soul...

"I've felt a little lost lately, I've felt so challenged, I've been in the unknown, my trust has been tested" - are words I've heard again and again.

So, I just wanted to reach out and remind you - that the light is always coming back.

When writing my last book about the dark night of the soul, I fell in love with these mystical words...

With no other light or guide
than the one that burned in my heart...

O guiding night!
O night more lovely than the dawn!
O night that has united
the Lover with his beloved,
transforming the beloved in her Lover.

- John of the Cross

A magical upgrade of consciousness is happening through the night - even if it doesn't always feel like it ;)

Let TRUST and LOVE be your guiding star - your Bethlehem star. 

New life will spring from your soul, new beautiful paths will open, and new creations will unfold.

You're so loved and your presence and light uplift the world. More than you may know.

I wish you a wonderful Solstice, dear one.

With so much love


Ny signatur jpg

P.S. Write me a note today if you wanna book a Clarity Session for 2023 - I'm here to help you and support your beautiful soul work.