From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: A lovenote on this special night - who are you becoming? (And three free sessions)

My dear one,

It's dark outside and I'm lighting a candle, setting my intentions for the time to come.

I've heard that the 11:11 2020 is a special portal to CALL FORTH what we dream of and who we are becoming. And I wanna share a secret with you...

Beside my bed, I have a beautiful notebook, sky blue with golden edges. If you'd opened it, you'd see the first page saying: The woman I'm becoming.

And inside, I've written all that I see myself becoming and unfolding in the future.

Much of it is about the way I'll show up in the world, how I'll serve love and embody my soul's energy in everything I do. 

I read it every morning. And am reminded of who I am, and what is called forth in my soul. It helps me remember throughout the day. And often when facing a hard decision, I ask myself - is this helping me to step even more into who I'm becoming?

On Facebook today, many have shared their intentions for the time to come. I'd love to hear yours too. Just a word is enough ;) 

I'm just so, so grateful for walking by your side. Thank you for who you are and who you are becoming.

I love you - may you feel blessed and infused with light tonight.



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P.S. Feeling drawn to my work, but in doubt what you need the most right now? I'll give the 3 first writing me back a free skype-session. I love to see you and show you what I see ;)