From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Wanna become an even more magical writer? Write that unforgettable book? Make your readers fall in love with you...

Today my enchanting online course OPEN - crazy bonusses right now

My love, 

TODAY it's opening - The Magic Box!

And I'm soooo happy to share it with you ;) 

For weeks I've been filming and recording - in the dark closet among my colorful dresses, by my Narnia-like desk and in the garden.

Many have asked me about my secrets during the last years – as my books have become known for their magical touch, deep layers, and transformational power.

And I’ve loved helping aspiring and recognized authors bring this Divine touch into their writing.

Now is the time to reveal it all to you. 

So, you may wonder - what is The Magic Box? Sounds a little mystical, right?

It's an online course - but not like you are used to. No stress, just bliss...

In The Magic Box you allow your intuition and curiosity to guide you - depending on where you are in your writing journey.

You get maps, guides, secrets and keys to become a magical writer - and connect deeply with your reader's soul.

Click here to see all the exciting things you'll get.

Now, this is not for everyone.

It's for aspiring and experienced intuitive writers who feel a longing to write from the most beautiful place inside. And co-create with the Divine Inspiration.

I help you create a strong and unbreakable connection with your inspiration, unlock all kinds of blocks, and enhance your writing. 

You will be guided all the way from conceiving the soul-child (your most inspired idea) - to giving birth and publishing.

So, if you feel a soft movement in your soul - would you be open to listening?

Maybe it's time to write that unforgettable book, poem-collection, children's book, or blog? 

Or just express yourself even more magically on social media.

80% of us dream of writing a book one day - and some take that first step...

This is the summer where you can unleash your enchanted pen. I truly believe in you.

And I'll LOVE to be your guide  ;)

Hugs & blessings

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Book NOW - and get six months of free membership in the Magical Writers Tribe. (Value 90 euros) & be along in the give-away of one year of 1:1 personal writing-coaching with me.

It shouldn't be lonely to write and stay in the flow - that's why I'm creating this tribe of kindred spirits to share your process and writing with. You'll get LIVE Q & A with me every month and inspiring little challenges to integrating what you learn. No overwhelm - just loving cheering on.