From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Is it dark? Feeling confused and alone? Maybe it's a dark night of the soul. Let me help you

...I've always loved the day of St. Lucy

Beloved soul,

Happy Sunday!

I woke up this morning realizing it's the day of St. Lucy today...

Joy filled my chest - I've always loved this day - reminding me of the light in the dark.

So today I want to bring you a light infusion- if you're walking in a dark night of the soul.

You know, at some time in our awakening journey - we all come to this very hard passage.

And it can be truly confusing, devastating and lonely to experience.

Where did the light go?

The deep connection with Source you felt so strongly?

Why don't you know who you are anymore?

It's like you're not who you were - and you don't know who you're becoming. 

And it all feels like walking in no-mans-land - in a cloud of unknowing. 

Now - this is how the dark night of the soul feels.

Actually, it's the most transformational part of our journey. It's all love and goodness. Even if it can feel so hard. 

And there are ways to pass through this passage with more ease and grace. You don't need to suffer.

This can become a deepening of your TRUST and ACTIVATION of your power. 

If this resonates - here's my Online Aid for you.

It's heart-made to support you through the passage - and lift your spirit instantly. 

As it's the day of Light - I'll give it to you for 37 euros today (Half Price)

Get this latern of light in your pocket in a moment.

Hugs and blessings

Your sister always


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P.s. If you need me to be your personal guide through the night - write me a note. I'm here for you.