From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: What are you blossoming into, dear one? (And open windows for your fresh start)

Beloved light,

Can you believe, we're now in 2023?

Hope you had the most heartwarming holiday - and sense the fresh breeze of the new year...

I'm still landing softly, as these last days became a little different. 

She'd been feeling more and more pain, and suddenly she was on the operation table, my little girl. 

There was something about seeing her in that green operation clothes, waiting and counting those minutes, that just broke my mother's heart wide open.

Everything went well with her, and now she's quickly recovering, thank God.

But I'm going into the new year with a deepened sense of gratitude and a tender heart.

Life is so precious. And I'll insist on keeping embracing it with open arms, living deeply and fully, and appreciating every moment.

I was talking to a new beautiful writer today, about the beauty of saying that inner YES to what's whispering in our souls.

It's a sense of living a wholesome life - even if it sometimes takes courage.

But isn't that so much more ALIVE than an unlived life with regrets?

So, what are you blossoming into in this bright new year, my love? 

There's an opening these days, to have a fresh start, move to the next level, and honor the longing within.

I also have 3 wonderful windows for you here - feel into what calls on you the most and let me know ;)


If you want a flying start, come to Sisterhood Circle and New Year Visioning.

It's on Wednesday night this week. Just sign up in my inner circle here. (The first month is a free and risk-free trial.)

I'll love to meet you there, and inspire and uplift you...


Dreaming of creating your own sister circles in 2023? Come to an intense training weekend online.

This will be a deep activation of your inner priestess, your inner Magdalene, your Divine feminine.


I’ll help you to embrace your inner light and connection – so you can create and hold a space of unconditional love.

You’ll learn to master the energy of the circle – and create truly magical experiences for your sisters.


They’ll wanna come back again and again. What would that mean for your soul work?

The training will be January – 


Write me a note to get more details and secure your spot today. We're filling up.


Do you have an inspired book stirring within?

No matter if you’re in the beginning, middle, or end of your writing process I’m here to be your loving and experienced midwife.

Most of my time is dedicated to this precious calling.

To help heart-driven writers create truly unforgettable books.

It takes great courage, trust, and dedication to write a book from your soul, I know. But you don’t need to do it all alone.

I offer different mentoring packages tailormade for your needs and wants - and right now I'm taking a few new writers under my wings.

Just write me a note and let's take a casual coffee to see how I can help you. No strings attached.

I'm wishing you the most enchanting and blessed new year, dear one.

May you step into the higher callings you're feeling, and may you allow your light to shine brighter than ever.

And remember - Universe has got you. Trust your journey.

One love,


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P.S. Thank you for all we've shared in 2022 - I'm beyond grateful for my soul family...thank you for being here. I love you.