From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: I'm feeling it in the wind - are you one of the twelve new woman circle leaders?

This letter is for my sisters only ;)

Sweet sis,

When walking in the sun yesterday, I got this very special feeling in my soul.

It's that wind from heaven that kisses me when it's time for a new circle of sisters. To have this special training and initiation.

And I know that the sisters this is for will feel it too. You know, this is more than just another training - it's a deeper calling.

You'll feel like a longing in your soul to create these loving circles to support your sisters.

And allow your own unique gifts to unfold while you do it.

Oh, I remember the first time I felt the calling to step in and do this sacred work. 

I felt the greatest joy and fire - and then I met my fears..."Am I worthy? Would anyone like to come? Can I hold the space?"

But the inner knowing was so strong that I just had to say this inner YES. Not knowing where it would take me.

And I started creating these magical circles and sisterhood retreats. Guided by the energy of Mary Magdalene.

I was shown how to create a sacred circle of love, where everything can be held and transformed.

And later I was called to share this wisdom and initiate other sisters who want to step into this soul work too.

Over the years I've trained seven wonderful groups of new woman circle leaders. And it feels like it's time again. 

So, the first twelve sisters writing me back will be sure to be along. We'll do it as a weekend training, the weekend in January. 

Just write me a note for more details and I'll love to guide you into your divine feminine power - and this beautiful soul work.

There are no expectations as to when and how you use this training - you can see it as preparation and use it when the divine timing is right. Or integrate it right away.

Let me know if you wonder about anything ;)

With so much love

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