From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Are you one of the women I saw on the mountain? Calling my sisters...(time-sensitive)

...Now I just have to do it ;) (Sisters only)

Beautiful angel,

Hope everything is good in your world.

Today I have wonderful news ;)

This is not for everyone, only if you feel the calling in your heart and soul...

To step even more into your Divine feminine power and create your own unique woman circles. 

Click the invitation here and see everything about it.

I have only a limited amount of spots - and in the next 24 hours, I give you a special sister price.

Let me hear from you, sister - are you one of the women I saw on that mountain with light in their third eye?

(Watch the video to hear the story...)

And no matter what - I'm so grateful to walk with you, beloved soul.

Sending you a big hug and blessings

Ny signatur jpg.jpg

P.S. Write me a note if you're drawn but feel unsure if you're ready for this...and we can chat ;)

And remember - no strings attached. You get the training and initiation - and I trust that you start your circles if and when the time is right for you.