From: Steinar Ditlefsen <>
Subject: (Teachers:) How you can work with the best teachers and speakers

(Danish text below)

Dear friend!

If you want to share stage with some of your top favorite teachers and speakers in the world - or even create partnerships with them - I have something very beautiful for you today.

You see, last week I organized the very first European Transformational Teachers Gathering in Alicante, Spain. We had teachers and leaders from 10 different countries, even Canada and Singapore.. and i had teachers like Michael Bernard Beckwith and Stig Severinsen with me (feel free to google these guys if you don't know who they are).

People often asks me how I have managed to get on stage and making seminars with teachers at this level. It has has given me so many incredible experiences, and today I can help you to see how you can do the same thing.

In this day an age it is easier than ever before to meet great people at seminars or to get to make an interview with them. But if we talk about you being invited to their stage or to make partnerships and business.... that requires some very different knowledge and networking. The good thing is though: it is doable once you have learned how to do it.

I want for you to be able to do this, so that you can have adventurous and exciting experiences and an expanding business as a teacher.

Therefore, I have made this interview with Itzik Amiel where we talk about networking for teachers and speakers. He is truly one of the best teachers on business networking, and his philosophy and strategies is for heart connected people. 

Where people most often will give you 5-6 good ideas in an interview like this, he gave like 20-25 great ideas :)

Here is for you: Interview with Itzik Amiel on Authentic and effective business networking for teachers

I love you and I want to continue to support you!
-- Steinar


Jeg har skrevet denne email på engelsk, da mit interview med Itzik Amiel er på engelsk. Jeg vil fremover lave mange flere interviews og spændende ting hvor det er naturligt at det er på engelsk. Tidligere var der 75% danskere og resten andre nordiske på min emailliste. Idag er der flere og flere fra andre steder i verden. Jeg ønsker også at de kan forstå. Samtidigt giver det mig større muligheder til at give dig endnu mere værdifuld træning når jeg kan gøre interviews som dette og andre ting på engelsk. Jeg håber du vil fortsætte at være på min liste, du skal vide at det betyder utroligt meget for mig. Og jeg kan love at der er mange gode ting på vej for dig!