From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Magical Writing Winter Retreat ONLINE? Yes, my love - and you're invited (Special price for the TEN first souls)

...aaah, this is a treat ;) If you wanna unwrap even more words from your soul...

Hi love,

I'm thrilled to share this ENCHANTING NEW THING with you ;) 

Since the pandemic started I've had to postpone five wonderful retreats and events...

And I guess you can imagine, it's been with a quite heavy heart.

Because I just loooove the energy of gathering my sisters and brothers.

In this time I've opened my heart for NEW WAYS of creating these magical moments.

I've also started co-creating a lot with my soul sister Andrea Gardner, who's a Hay House author (and sincerely feels like having been my twin-sister in an earlier life ;))

Together we've created this wonderful experience for you:


And I know it will be such a treat, an inner adventure of calling forth YOUR magical words. 

This is for soul-writers, word-weavers, magical writers of all kinds – new and experienced.

Just imagine for a moment.

You’ve put hearts in your calendar.

For a whole weekend to dive into your passion.

Not only to learn and get inspired. But to WRITE your heart out. 

You’re lighting candles, snuggling up on the couch with a warm cup of tea, opening your favorite notebook…

This retreat will MOVE you deep into the riches of your soul. 

We’ll invoke your most original ideas, guide you to write that story, poem, blog, chapter. 

And after these two days, you’ll sit with at least four pieces of magical writing – better than you ever thought you could write. 

You’ll have something to share instantly on social media or your blog – or maybe this is the beginning of the book you want to write in the time to come.

Jump over here to see the dates and the amazing FIRST MOVER PRICE for the ten first signing up.

Ahhh - I can't wait to see what will unfold from your soul this weekend.

Allow yourself this deep dive - you deserve it...

Blessings and sisterhugs

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P.S. Maybe you wonder - am I a magical writer? Let me ask you - do you find it magical to listen inside and write what comes to you? Then this is for you. (You don't need to have won a Pulitzer Prize ;)) You just need to be curious and open to unwrap your inner magic - we'll guide the way to your inner wonderland.