From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Wanna meet me in Denmark, my angel? And step even more into your soul shine (time-sensitive)

Good morning my sweet,

Sitting here with my morning coffee - and my whole soul is glowing and smiling ;) 

It's less than a week ago I came back - from the most otherworldly soul journey retreat to Avalon (just finished unpacking!)

And I'd expected myself to be a little tired - but it's like the fire of my purpose has been ignited in a deep, deep way.

Standing there on the mountain top with my sisters, leading the sacred ceremony of the inner wedding....

With the stars above us and the beating heart chakra of mother earth beneath us...

I promised myself always to remember who I am.

And I know that I am SHE - the Divine feminine moves, breathes, and guides me. She's within me. Like she is in you.

New veils were dropped, and I feel like standing even more naked in my soul.

Allowing the priestess within to step forward. The Magdalene.

(Together with the goofy angel, the wise old woman, and the unapologetic goddess ;))


I'm finally coming to Denmark! And I've loooonged to meet my Scandinavian sisters again...

So, I wanna invite you for a Deep Dive Training and Sisterhood Day.

To ignite your fire and help you even more in your unfolding...


"Step into your Soul Shine" 

Tuesday of August (11-17 o'clock)


We'll create a blessed sacred circle - and I'll guide you in deeply empowering energy work. 

You'll get clarity and visioning, unblock fears and limitations - and open the eyes of your heart even more. 

If you love sisterhood and long to align even more with your light and soul - this is for you...


See more details here - and make sure to secure your spot today (Limited)


Oh, how I love the beauty and wonder of following our inner guidance...

I'd adore to meet you and hug you...


Lots of love and many blessings


Ny signatur jpg

P.S. Sisters will come from all of Scandinavia to meet - so even if you're in Norway, Sweden, UK...Come, take a sailboat, find a horse - and join us. I'll speak English if needed.