From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Can you feel it too? (And a lovely give-away)

...there's something in the air, sis

My love,

This time. Wow - it's kind of massive. So much is shifting and changing in our world - and also inside us.

It's almost like everything has been amplified (or is it just me?) It can be quite intense, right - overwhelming at times...

So that's why I know tomorrow will be just magnificent.

Come and join me for morning coffee or tea LIVE ONLINE...And let's share.

Things like, how to soothe our souls, stay balanced, and yet open-hearted.

I'll give you a powerful practice that helps me stay rooted in my soul through times of massive change.

And we'll also have a sacred space for sharing what we want our sisters to hold in prayer...

It's Soul Sister Sunday - 9 am (Copenhagen-Madrid time) Live from my Facebook page.


Make yourself a good cup of coffee or tea - and snuggle up in your bed. Just because sisterhood is the best...

And invite sisters you love to join us <3

Post a picture of yourself enjoying Soul Sister Sunday, include a link to the REPLAY, and tag me on Fb or Instagram, so I see it.

The most creative sharing will be honored by a free-choice GIFT from me  (I have 7 magical things you can choose from - value up to 500 euros)

The winner will be found 12 pm Sunday night and will get an email ;)

See you tomorrow, angel.



P.s. By the way - if you wonder - you don't need to make your morning hair to join ;) I'm live on video and you can just comment in pajamas and all ;)