From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: A whole weekend dedicated to YOU and enchanting writing ;) I'm soooo happy to officially open the doors (Early Bird Gift Today)

Sweet soul,

Hope everything is beautiful in your world ;)

I'm writing to you with butterflies in my belly and stars in my eyes...

'Cause today I'm officially opening the doors for The Magical Writing Winter Retreat!

For everyone who loves writing - and wanna explore the wonder of magical writing.

This is the third Zoom Retreat I'm doing together with my soul sister Andrea Gardner.

And I can't wait for another absolutely yummy and wonderful weekend retreat :)

People are simply raving about the powerful transformation this retreat creates.

You can see all the details here - but there's something I feel like saying:

You see, this retreat has become so much more than an inspired writing course. 

It's a liberation of your inner artist child. A rekindling of your playful spirit.

You'll tap into the flow, joy, and freedom to write from your soul, and I believe that's the greatest gift of all.

So, allow yourself to have this wonderful experience - I know you'll love every moment.

This week I give you the whole retreat (including all replays) for half price.

The spots are limited, as we want it to be an intimate experience.

So take a moment and secure your spot right away here, my angel.



Dear Universe, may it soon be November...

Love and light


Ny signatur jpg

P.s. Just let me know if you have any questions - I'm here for you ;)


- It has definitely brought the joy and the playing part of writing back into my life, and I will bring it into my life and begin to write again, the magic and fairytales energy has been brought to life….

- Just being present here with you is magic!

- Freedom to use many different types of exercises to start writing. Loved the synchronicity, every time we went to the breakout rooms. I've been connecting to myself in so many new ways

- I've fallen in love with my little inner child

- Giving myself the time to BE a writer for the weekend has been really great. Spaciousness for myself. I feel I have a new key to write - to just go from what I'm attracted to and take it from there. It was wonderful to discover what can happen when I just did that...

- So much more inspiration, light, depth, and creativity - feel like just writing and writing now

- I feel so blessed and filled up with gratitude.

- I can't wait to write - there has been a pause for too long, so now I am eager to write, write, write

- I´ve found MY way of writing. And realized that my words can fill others with love and energy

- These exercises made writing more fun - I love all the explorations and what comes through. Thank you

- I've become more confident and realized that I absolutely adore sharing my work and my poems and using my voice.  It has also reminded me how little fun I have had for such a long time since lockdown and how easy and simple it can be to have some fun.

- I'm feeling so alive, much more laughter and fun and wonder when writing