From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: OMG, sis - I'm so grateful...✨🧡✨

Just before heading to bed, I gotta share with you...

Good evening my love,

I know I'm writing a little late - just gotta share my joy with you! 

This day has just been SO precious. I'm receiving one outstanding social media sharings and messages after the other today.

Here's a few from souls who have started opening The Magic Box.

"Best MAGICAL WRITER mentor you can imagine. Eva Andrea 🧡
The way she is working with creative energy and hold the space for our inner magic- is beyond words. It's magic itself.
She is able to hold very high frequencies - for us to dive into our individual inner stories, magic and divine creation. ✨"🕊


"Wow. I just got access to my Magical Writing Box - and a journey that I have been looking so much forward to. I was not disappointed. On the contrary. Pleasantly surprised of all the magic, really surprised, and that says a lot considering my sky-high expectations beforehand. I cannot wait to open all the wonderful presents in the box, I am very excited and looking so much forward to meeting my Magical Tribe."

AND things like...

- "YOU are the magic box for me 🎁 Your excitement 🥰 inspiration, your voice, your heart💜and not to forget all of your beautiful and gorgeous dresses💃THANK YOU"

- "I started listening, and was filled with magic - it was like entering my inner Narnia!"

- "It's like my third eye started opening after the second video - I mirror myself in your energy, it's like something is awakening deep inside my soul"

- "I've already started writing in the morning now - and I feel like overflowing with light, love and inspiration - this is just magical <3"


I'm deeply grateful and SO excited to follow so many beautiful souls unfolding the words inside and sharing their gifts with the world.

My heart is spilling over. 

Almost hundred souls have already signed up! 

Are you ready to become an even more magical writer too - come and join me now.

What a joy to follow the longing of our souls,'s such a blessing. 

"Follow your bliss - and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls," right...

Hugs and goodnight, dear one

Ny signatur jpg.jpg


P.S. When booking The Magic Box you get 6 months in The Magical Writers Tribe - like a sweet cherry on the top ;) 

This bonus is only if you book NOW. (And the price is going up as well)