From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: My love, a personal note from the patio (And new interview on intuition and writing)

Hi my love,

I'm sitting here in the sun thinking of you - feeling like sharing something.

At midnight I landed gently here, after a beautiful week of family celebrations in Denmark.

It somehow felt like going back into another world. Another incarnation. 

To step into the same meeting hall in the Christian community where I grew up.

The same brown wooden floors, you see. The same songs. The same dear faces - just with a few more wrinkles...

And I sat there at the party for my parents, feeling only love.

And deep gratitude. For where life gently and lovingly has been leading me. 

Into my true essence, into my soul's work, into the arms of soul family.

And out of my old tribe.

I sometimes wonder if our souls are out of time and space and knows the future know what I mean?

It's so easy to see how a loving force was leading my path - guiding the way, with signs and intuitive leads.

A tender inner voice is always showing the way, together with angels and guides.

So, as I'm sitting here on my patio at this moment - I just feel the JOY.

Of living and unfolding moment by moment - governed by this Divine love.

And I know that the same goes for you, my dear one.

You're endlessly loved, and there's a beautiful path unfolding in front of you.

Whether you're following my work because you're writing or just because you feel the soul connection...

I'm sending you love and many blessings. And let me know if I can support you in any way.

Big love 


Ny signatur jpg

P.s. NEW INTERVIEW just released.

If you're curious about writing even more intuitively, you'll love this.

We've talked to the intuitive Hay House Author Becky Walsh about her writing process - enjoy the most helpful and delightful hour with us.

P.P.S. You can read the spiritual novels about my journey here (In Danish). The first novel will come out in English next year! I'm so grateful ;)