From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Avila is calling...are you coming, angel?

Beautiful soul,

Hope you're well...

I'm so grateful for all letters I received after my last sharing about following the wind of the rose.

It gives me this feeling of how "we're all just walking each other home," as Ram Dass said...

Isn't it beautiful how we're all deeply connected, no matter what our paths look like? 


If you feel like coming to Spain on a deep and enchanting soul journey - let me know today.

I'm going to Avila on the of April - to guide all the way into the mystique and magic of my last book.

- I dream of letting you experience the energy and power of the sacred places I found...

- I would love you to be guided by your intuition and the signs you're given these days - like I was.

- I would wish for you to open your soul to the Divine touch of this place, that helped me to find the way through the dark night of the soul.  

We'll connect with the energy of the soulmates: St. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross - and I know you'll feel their presence and love.

Oh, my heart is softening in gratitude just by thinking of sharing this journey with my dear sisters (and brothers, maybe...)

Write me for more details - and I'd love to see you for this beautiful experience. (There are only a few spots left, so they go to the first ones to book.)

And if you're curious about my other live events this spring and summer, have a look here.

Thank you for walking home with me. 

Love and blessings


Ny signatur jpg

P.s. You don't need to have read the book in order to join ;) I'll share what you need to know when we're there...