From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: A very personal sharing - as I've gone through the gate ;)

Goodmorning, my love

Good morning, lovely you

I'm sitting here in my bed - outside the birds are singing with joy...

My heart is filled with gratitude, for this very special week, and I just feel like sharing with you, my dear ;)

As you might have sensed, I've been going through the deepest alchemy this last year.

I've learned the most profound lessons about Divine Love - together with my beloved soulmate through 20 years.

What a fire we've gone through. How many tears have carried us through this passage. As Spirit has guided us to allow our love to shift into another shape.

This week it was time to share with the world - with peace in our hearts and the deepest gratitude to each other.

So, we wrote this message together - looked into each other's eyes with a smile, held hands, pressed the button - and went through the gate. 

We've received so much love and tenderness, for our openhearted sharing - that I feel immensely blessed. 

Life is such a precious journey - and I've experienced more than ever, how lovingly we're always guided to grow and expand.

Our soul knows the way - and when following that inner guidance, we can always find the path of Love.

I have a feeling that many more wonders and blessings are waiting around the corner. It's like it's whispering in the wind...

Sending you love from my new Happy House - and if you'd like I'll make you a coffee at the patio ;)

Thank you for walking by my side. 



Ny signatur jpg

P.s. I might not be able to answer all the beautiful letters I'm receiving at the moment - just know that I read them ALL and save them in my heart.

P.p.s. If you read Danish, you can read more about the deep path I've been walking with my soulmate in my last book here.