From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Did you miss it? Here's the full replay from our beautiful sister gathering (And a lovely gift for you this week)

Sweet soul,

Did you miss it yesterday? We had the most beautiful night of pure sister love...

I shared about the power of the sacred circle - and how we can learn to create this transformational and healing space for our sisters, as woman circle leaders.

I'm going very raw and sharing openly about my journey with this special part of my work - and how Mary Magdalene has guided the way.

It felt like sitting around the campfire sharing and telling these strong stories.
Enjoy the energy and feel into the heart connection with us all - that goes across time and space.

I'll let the gifts and possibilities, that I share in the end, stay open for you over the weekend.

And just tell me if you wanna become a woman circle leader or feel curious to know more - and I'll let you get the same crazy price as yesterday until Sunday (The spots are limited though.)
Oh, how I love sharing the journey with you. 
Hugs and blessings
P.s. Just a little hug to my soul brothers reading along ;) Love you too - and there'll be another open Zoom gathering during the summer about magical writing ;) So hang in there...