From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: I'm thinking of you...coming tomorrow, love?

Guess you'll love this...

Beautiful one,

I'm sitting here in the shade of a kaki-tree, at the old vineyard in Barcelona, thinking of you :)

You know, tomorrow I'd love to hang out with you for a glas of their local wine, and share a wonderful hour of inspiration...

I'm here with my soul sister Andrea Gardner, who's a Hay House author. Her story is sooo inspirational. And I would love you to hear it.

We'll talk about how to align yourself with the Divine inspiration and how to activate miracles in your writing-life - and I'll ask her to share her best golden keys to magical writing with you. 

After this evening you'll spark with inspiration, hope and joy. I just know.

To make it simple, I'll just send LIVE from my personal Facebookpage. (Just send me a friend request if we're not connected already, and you'll be able to see it.) 

Bring your favorite notebook and a glass of something - and let's enjoy eachothers sweet company...

Can't wait to see you, love!

Hugs and blessings


P.S. Do you feel like having a 1:1 session with me for help in your soul journey or writing? I've only ONE spot left for coaching sessions now. Just write me ASAP, to book it. I'll love to support you. My last client wrote to me: "Your energy makes my soul dance with joy, passion and feather-like steps like a fairy. You should sell it in bottles....To get a shot of Eva Andrea every day..."

I kind of loved that :)