From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Challenged or feeling stuck, love? (And a last call)

Hi love,

Today I had another call with a beautiful writer...

"Oh, this was just what I needed to hear today, this is the connection I've been longing for," she said. 

Seeing that light in her eyes was amazing. When we lean into this state of connection everything opens up.

It's so soothing and nurturing for our hearts and souls...

So, here are a few loving reminders for you...


If you're longing to tap into a wonderful flow in your writing - come to my FLOW FEAST.

It's on Wednesday night next week - and you just sign up here to join. It's a gift from my heart to yours.

We'll find and release the most painful limiting belief and block - and open for a deep connection with your soul and Source.

I'm so grateful to welcome you to this inspiring and warm evening. 


Dreaming of creating your own sister circles in 2023, dear one?

I'm filling up for this exclusive training in January (A whole weekend LIVE online)

This training will be a deep activation of your inner priestess, your inner Magdalene, your divine feminine.

I'll help you to embrace your inner light and connection - so you can create and hold a space of unconditional love.

You'll learn to master the energy of the circle - and create truly magical experiences for your sisters.

And they'll wanna come back again and again. What would that mean for your soul work?

Write me for more details or if you're wondering about anything. I only have a few spots left now.

In this strange time in the world - there's something so comforting about remembering who we are.

And how connected we are with our loving soul, each other, and our Source. 

Love is only one breath away. Only one remembrance away.

I love you - and I'm here for you.


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Ps. See all the ways I can help and support you here on my page - just updated ;)