From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: The 3 first souls writing me back get this 200 euro session ;)

...normally the price for a session like this is 200 euros.

Hi beautiful,

Let's make this short and sweet...

As you know I'm in December-mode and that means even more gifts ;) 

Today's gift is an exclusive 1:1 "Discover your Soulchild - Online Session" (Normally writers pay 200 euros for a session like this.)

In this session, you'll be guided into a deep connection with the inspired book that wants to be written by you. 

I'll take you through an enchanting journey into your soul and intuition - and you'll leave the session with a whole new clarity and inspiration - knowing what the next step is...

The 3 first writing me back will get a session within the coming week!

(This session is for you who feels like there's a book in you that you long to connect with and write - you don't need to know more than that...)

It's my greatest joy to see the stars in your eyes when connecting with your divinely inspired idea ;)

So much love and blessings to you


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