From: Steinar Ditlefsen <>
Subject: This is what every teacher and speaker want to know

Hi my friend - kære ven!

This is for all the teachers I know in Denmark and Norway and all of you - my new teacher and speaker friends from all over the world - who have started following my training.

I know that so many often have the feeling of doubt about the direction and progress of their career. Questions like this always rumble around in the mind:

- I feel unsure if my current topic is my purpose.. 
- What is really my message?
- What should I choose to focus on when I have two different topics?
- I want to do this and I love to be a speaker, but I have no energy... why?

and the doubt and the questions can go on and on...

(Below I'll show you how you can find the answers, and at the bottom of the email, I'll present a brand new program with a spectacular discount today and tomorrow.)

Here is what I have found:

>>The biggest hinder for your breakthrough is the lack of clarity.

Here something else I have found:

>> You are not alone. It's something everybody experiences at different times in their career.

Here is the super awesome thing I have seen (many times):

>> When you get CLARITY things will speed up, become easier and you will most likely experience a breakthrough in your career.


So, here is where you need to get clarity as a teacher: Your mission, your message and your market.

Clarity in your mission unleashes a creative energy and a drive that will make you unstoppable. Your mission is always present and available, and it is not a big thing waiting in the future. Therefore, you can find it where you are today - and when you find it, you will feel a big shift in your energy.

Clarity in your message makes you stand out in your field. Your topic is not your message. There might be thousands of other people who talk about the same topic, but people (customers) are not attracted to a topic, but rather to things that can help and change something in their lives. Many teachers can say a whole lot about a great topic, but their message is difficult to grasp. On the contrary, you are never in doubt of the message when you hear great teaches. Be crystal clear on your message and you will rise and become a lighthouse and a magnet for people who long for help and change. 

When you get clarity in your (target) market, it might be like getting a magic pill. Everything will change. People will feel that you have made your presentation, your programs, your books ect. just for them. They will be stunned. And even if there are a lot of other trainer on the same topic, you will be the first choice. Because they feel you. This is a big secret. I have seen teachers going from unknown to national profiles in months, just because they found out who their core market was.

Clarity in each of these areas give you a sense of fulfillment - and will cause more business for you. Clarity all the way around, will give you the sense that everything fall into place for you - and might very well cause a big breakthrough in your business.

You can do this!

One of the reasons that questions are nagging people for months and sometimes even years, is that they allow them to just rumble around in the mind and never really do the necessary work to find the answers. It's like being stuck in a roundabout. You need to invest some time and work on all the three areas, so that you can find the answers and have no more doubt.You will feel excited, free and happy and become unstoppable.



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In friendship

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