From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: A rose in the shower. Maybe you need to hear this divine message today, my dear

Beautiful Heart,

I was just standing in the shower, smelling the pink roses outside the window when the message came through...

"Write to them about Soul Time and Human Time...Write to them about the art of Trust and Waiting."

So here I am, let me try to pass this light seed on... 

Let's start with some opening questions. 

What if you are exactly where you need to be right now?

What if you're perfectly aligned with the moment?

And everything is coming to you in Divine Timing?

How would that feel? Can you sense how it makes something soften inside, so you can yield and lean even more in? No matter what you're dancing with at the moment...

When I look back at my journey, I see how I've been learning this again and again.

Things don't always unfold in the time our human self would like them to...

They unfold in Soul Time. When we're ready for it.

In the meantime, we're being PREPARED for the becoming. How we'll be able to love, give, create or for some of us - write. 

That means, that nothing we experience is in vain. There's nothing like wasted time. And there's nothing like "too late."

As long as we're being present and receiving the learning and growing we're invited to. And follow our intuitive leads.

I remember one time, I talked to the beautiful spiritual teacher Michael Beckwith and he said:

What quality would you have to cultivate in your soul if this situation wouldn't change?

And I could see, that what could feel limiting and test my patience, was actually inviting me to cultivate a deep trust, unconditional love, inner peace, bubbling creativity and so many more gifts.

Often we'll experience, that when allowing Life to unfold in its own perfect divine timing, without doubting and forcing, it's like we're brought in alignment with the flow of the Universe and things change in our outer world too. 

There's a beautiful saying that comes to me as I write this to you: God's delay is not His denial.

Let's remember that today. The more you cultivate deep trust that you're endlessly loved by the Universe, the more you can lean into the art of waiting for the miracles you're expecting.

Your prayers are already answered, your soul's longing is already heard, and the unfolding of your deeper purpose is happening in perfect ways and under grace.

I'd love to hear if you feel the light of this message in your heart.

Wishing you a blessed Sunday, my love.


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Ps. Are you meant to come and meet me soon? For Activate your golden touch or Soul Journey to Avalon? Then let me know today...