From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Are you sitting on a chest of pearls, without knowing it?

My sweet,

This morning, I just know I gotta share this story with you.

Last week I had such a beautiful experience...

I was tuning in on Zoom with a new client, who'd booked a series of writing sessions with me.

She's truly a lightworker, and her eyes sparkle like stars.

"I feel like there's something I need to write, but I don't know what it is yet, it's all blurry, but there's a strong urge." (Loosely, as I remember the conversation.)

And we start looking into this longing.

"Well, I did make these the last years" she suddenly says and picks up two calendars with spiral backs.

They are beautiful channeled messages for each week of the year. 

"And then there are all the notebooks of journalling, also with many insights."

"And then there are the ideas for the angel cards," she reads one of the messages and I get chills all over.

She tells me about recorded meditations she made over the years. They sound beautiful too.

"Well, and then there're the paintings, by the way," She turns her phone so I can see the paintings, standing in piles in the corner of her room.

"You know you have more than everything you need for your book already, right?" I laugh..."It's so clear to me, I see it, I feel it, it's just about connecting the pieces and weave them into a beautiful reader's experience."

She bursts into tears of joy, laughter of relief:

"It can be this simple? I AM a writer, I AM a painter even?"

And we rejoice in making a plan for the next steps to allow this book to come together in an effortless flow.

As I hang up, I realize how often I have this experience with writers.

When I get to look at their journalling, I see poems that they've written unknowingly.

When I listen to their life stories and experience, I see the mesmerizing book taking form.

And my greatest joy is to pull out the golden mirror so the writer can actually recognize it too.

Write me a note if you want to book me to look into YOUR bits and pieces, ideas, and stories.

And I'll love to tell you what I see in a 1:1 session in November.

(I have only six sessions left in my schedule, but I must admit it gives me the deepest joy to do these treasure-hunt sessions.)

Someone out there longs to read what you have to share...

Have a wonderful week, my angel.

Big love


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