From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Join me tomorrow, love - to be in a GUARANTEED Amazon bestseller ;)

Hi angel,

It's always magical how Universe opens windows and doors in Divine timing...

And I love to listen and allow the magic to flow in its own wondrous way.

Recently I was contacted by an amazing publisher from Bali.

He felt a beautiful resonance with the way I work - and wanted to invite my tribe to join his next book projects.

There was a special light around this man, that I felt right away - so I stopped in my tracks and listened.

He has created a long series of inspirational collaborative books. And what is different about being part of his books is, that you'll become a GUARANTEED AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR. 

You can write a chapter in either the coming book: "The power of Inspiration" or "Awaken to your inner truth". (The series is called, A journey of riches.)

This might not be for everyone - but if you feel curious or feel it calling - I'll invite you to come and hear more.

Make yourself a coffee or tea, and join us for an extraordinary Zoom Call tomorrow morning.

Just click here, 10 am (CET) 

Pass word: MAGIC

John will share all about these beautiful opportunities, and how you can join. And you'll get the chance to ask any questions you have.

I'm soooo excited for you ;) And would love to see YOUR name and the message from your heart going out to many new souls.

Big love


Ny signatur jpg

Ps. There's only a limited amount of writers who can join, so it's a good idea to be there LIVE. The Replay will be shared in The Magical Writers Tribe on Saturday though. So if you're not there already, sign in here for a free month, to be able to see it.