From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: Hi my sweet - wouldn't it feel amazing to walk into 2022 with a muse by your side? (And a new year gift)
Wonderful you,

Oh, I'd adore having a coffee with you in the sun here on my patio - I think I'll also pick you an orange from my garden. 

And I'd wish you the most enchanting new year - full of love, joy, and soulful creation. 


On this beautiful first day of 2022, I wanna give you another little gift, if you haven't seen it already.

I did this guided meditation in The Magical Writers Tribe some days ago - and I've received so many letters about its power.

In this healing and empowering journey - you're connecting deeply with your Divine Muse and what wants to be written through you this year.

So, give yourself this half-hour of tapping into your inner being...I think you'll love it.

It's for you who're curious, long to write more, or already love to write - inspired by the soul. 


As you might know, I truly LOVE to be a midwife for these beautiful books, inspired by spirit and soul.

In 2021 I've been mentoring almost 100 writers from all over the world one-on-one...

I help you tune in on the energy, and purpose of your book, guide you in moving the book forward step by step.

And I help you stay in a joyful flow all the way ;)

We work on how to make your book unforgettable, by connecting deeply with the reader's soul.

And how to enhance the magic of the storytelling and message.

Sometimes, if it feels right, I even go in as a creative editor and go through the whole manuscript.

I also help create magic around the birthday of your book and make it irresistible.

This work just makes my soul spark - it's deeply aligned with my soul purpose. To help birth these books that can lift the world.

So, even if I'm almost fully booked as a Magical Writing Mentor, I wanna give space for just a few more writers this year.

Let me know if you want my help, and let's have a coffee and see how I can support you. I'll meet you exactly where you are...

Thank you for being in this world. You're a shining star. And I see you.

With all my love

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P.S. Wanna meet LIVE? Come to one of my magical events or retreats this year. The first one is live online in JANUARY. Go have a look and let me know what calls on you.