From: Eva Andrea <>
Subject: When you hold your OWN magical book in your hands (Join now - today at midnight the price goes up)

my love, your irresistible book is waiting for you

My love,

I'm sitting here in my sunny garden - thinking about what writing divinely inspired books has meant to me.

And my heart softens with gratefulness.

How I would love YOU to experience the same - if you long to write, as I did...

Actually, you can join my new Magical Writing online course NOW before midnight and save 50 euros.


Discovering the art of magical writing has meant the world to me and all of my work.

Maybe that's why it feels so joyful to share how you can write enchanting and irresistible books too.


So. What if you close your eyes for a moment and just imagine: You're holding YOUR OWN magical book in your hands. And it's so unique and powerfully written, that it spreads from mouth to mouth. See, for a moment, how a tribe of raving readers is drawn to your writing, longing for your next words. (And this isn't a fairytale - I'll teach you how.)

In the Magic Box, I guide you to go from fear to love - from separation to connection - and connect deeply with your Divine Inspiration, your soul, and your readers' souls.

This is how it happens.

The magic.

- I guide you into an unbreakable connection and dance with your creative soul and Source.

- I help you through the whole process from conceiving your inspired idea to giving birth and activate the magnetism.

- I help you find your unique voice and sweet spot, which makes your writing stand out in the noise.

- I also help you bring the love and magic into the process, so it becomes delightful and blessed to write and we stop the forcing and stress.

- And I have filled this treasure chest with maps, keys, secrets, and practices, to give you clarity and guidance wherever you are in your process. 

So, my beautiful - come join The Magic Box NOW (And you'll save 50 euros by jumping in before MIDNIGHT

Magical Writing is for intuitive souls like you - open to co-create the Universe.

Souls, willing to experience the miracle of LOVE working through them.

I look at the roses opening around me where I'm sitting - and can't help smiling by the thought.

I love you and I can't wait to see what will unfold from your soul, invoked by The Magic Box.

Hugs and blessings

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P.S. You'll actually get two months in my new magical writers' tribe too when you book - giving you a safe and nurturing space to share your process and your writing with kindred spirits.