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Welcome to your tribe, love

Do you love writing? Or long to unfold the words stirring in your soul, even more...

Then you've come home. 

When I created my new online program, The Magic Box - I realized that we need this tribe.

A safe haven of kindred spirits to SHARE your writing journey with.

A place to share pieces of your writing with friendly readers, who'll cheer you on and mirror your strengths and genius back to you. 

Our vision is that this tribe will be your new soul family. Your soft place to fall and the best support in the world. 

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This tribe will NOT overwhelm you with information or stress you out.

(You get the chance to order The Magic Box when signing up, to have the amazing teaching, tools, and guidance, but it's not a must.)

What you'll get in the tribe

- Monthly LIVE Coffee-hour and Cocktail-hour with Hay House Author Andrea Gardner and me - To help you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE in your process. 

- A fun and easy challenge every month - to help you stay motivated and on track with your writing.

- And best of all: YOU can share your writing with the other beautiful soulful writers in the group. Freely. 

- We will, of course, treat you with lovely surprises too ;) 

You'll feel filled up, nurtured, and supported in a whole new way in your writing-life.

You'll not be alone with your pages anymore.

You'll have a place to lean in and reach out.

A place to be inspired and uplifted when going through the inevitable writing-challenges.

And a place to get help and practical advice on the go.

This will help you stay in the FLOW and unfold your magical words...whether you write poems, books, songs, or blogs.

(You can share your process in English - and pieces of your writing in your own language if you want to. We'll make language-groups.)


You'll be a Founding Father 

As this is the first time we're opening the Tribe, you'll have a special opportunity. 

You'll get a Founding Father price - that will be yours forever. Even if the price goes up in the future.

Just because you're one of the pioneers joining from the beginning. 

Monthly payment: 15 euros per month (you can stop the membership any time)

Yearly payment: 150 euros (Save 30 euros)

Join us and your new family NOW, and let's bring those words to life. The doors are opening on October 2020.

We can't wait to follow your writing unfold to bless the souls waiting for your voice.

Love & Blessings


Andrea & Eva Andrea


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