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Become a magical writer – learn the art of connecting deeply with your soul, your Divine inspiration, and your readers. They will fall in love with your work. 

Picture what it would feel like finally holding that book in your hands – knowing that it was irresistible, magnetic and magical. What would it mean to you? How would it open doors for you?

In my new online course – The Magic Box, I teach you all I’ve found and practiced to go from good to magical writing. This has meant the world to my work in general and my deep connection with my readers – and I want the same for you.

Can you imagine if your book or blog would be so enchanting that your readers started spreading the word, and became your best ambassadors? And not only that. What if you could write with Divine flow and joy, without blocking yourself and becoming exhausted?

It’s time to let the words move through you – sing your song on paper, raise your voice with ink.

If you feel the longing to write – you have the gift.

A new way of writing

“I’m the flute – the Universe breathes me”

When co-creating with the Universe you become a Magical Writer. Your writing comes alive – infused with wonder and recognition.

Many have asked me about my secrets during the last years – as my books have become known for their magical touch, deep layers, and transformational power.

And I’ve loved helping recognized authors bring this magic into their writing.

Now is the time to reveal it all to you. I would love you to experience this shift from writing good to writing magically.

siddende lukkede øjne i bølge smil edited.jpg

Who is it for?

If you long to infuse your writing with even more inspiration, flow and glow – this is for you. And if you are curious about a more intuitive and spiritual approach to co-create with inspiration.

I don’t promise you’ll become a best-selling author (even if there is a risk for that…) But, I promise that you’ll get a passport to write what’s truly meaningful and fulfilling – and a journey of wonder and adventure.

I know you’ll love this way of writing. You’ll write with ease and joy. Your words will be so captivating, that your readers wanna share them with the whole world.

You’ll also experience that the book, children’s book or poetry, or whatever you’re creating – writes YOU.

Magical Writing is also doing wonders on social media.

Here is the rich online treasure chest I’ve created for you – with training videos, guided excersises and meditations.

ALL VIDEOS CAN BE DOWNLOADED AS AUDIOS AS WELL. But YOU shake the box and pick what you want NOW. No particular order. Your intuition and curiosity will show you around. No stress. Just bliss. 


Find your Magical Writing Sweet Spot
– discover your unique sound. I guide you step by step to find your passion, fire, natural writing-expression, hidden longings and rich life experiences. You’ll get new clarity and confidence in yourself.

Your Magical Writing Wheel
– A full roadmap – from the first kiss to the birthday party. To understand the process of magical writing and how to go with the cycle step by step. No more confusion in the process.

Keys and writing feathers

Open the channel to your Divine Creator

  • Creative archaeology
  • Open the third eye – the angel of the soul
  • Surrender yourself to the never-ending stream of inspiration
  • Heal your writing-wounds
  • Shift from fear to love
  • Channeling & inspired writing

Unlock your enchanted pen

  • How to give yourself permission to write and create
  • The roots of writer blocks, the seven most common blocks, the process-blocks. And how to unlock them all
  • Liberate your inner artist-child

Shape your instrument

  • How to write enchanting and unforgettable stories
  • How to connect deeply with your reader’s soul 
  • How your writing becomes healing and truly transformational
  • Recognize your own voice
  • My golden rules to enhance the magic in what you’ve written

Guided meditations & practices

  • Meet your inner muse – ask anything
  • Access your wonder-room
  • Merge with your soul-child 
  • Three most powerful practices for staying in the flow
  • Create nurturing and opening rituals and welcome inspiration

Giving birth

  • How to share your soul-child with the world (Publish or self-publish?)
  • How to create a readers-group and get awesome testimonials
  • Honor the child and choose the clothes (covers and titles)
  • Activate the magnetism and create miracles
  • The birthday party

Cherries on the top

The story-corner: Spellbinding experiences with Magical Writing

(Also: Your writing doesn’t need to have explicit spiritual content – it’s the process that’s spiritual.)

Masterclass: Connect soul to soul on social media with Magical Writing. Your tribe will gather around you.

Let’s write, love

As a new tribe member, you get this program for only 199 euros. This offer is only today, as the program is closed for enrollment and will not open before 2021.

(You save 100 euros)

EUR 200.00
Due Amount 21% VATTotal
Today EUR 12.40 EUR 2.60EUR 15.00
Starting Oct 22, The Magical Writers Tribe will renew each month at EUR 15.00 (including 21% VAT). Cancel at any time.
TodayEUR 15.00
Starting Oct 22, The Magical Writers Tribe will renew each month at EUR 15.00 (including 21% VAT). Cancel at any time.

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Ditlefsen Group Int

The Magical Writers Tribe

Due Amount 21% VATTotal
Today EUR 12.40 EUR 2.60EUR 15.00
Starting Oct 22, The Magical Writers Tribe will renew each month at EUR 15.00 (including 21% VAT). Cancel at any time.
TodayEUR 15.00
Starting Oct 22, The Magical Writers Tribe will renew each month at EUR 15.00 (including 21% VAT). Cancel at any time.